10 Questions with an Artist

10 Questions with an Artist

My incredible experience with Dax Christopher and his interview about Avaiyo!

When I was at Philly Comic Con, I had the good fortunes of meeting Dax Christopher and his lovely wife Robin. He was promoting his critically acclaimed board game, “Devil’s Playground,” while I was selling copies of Avaiyo. We took an interest in each other’s creations and I was given the chance to be interviewed for his blog, “10 Questions with an Artist.” He took the time to read the first four volumes of Avaiyo and derived some very thought provoking questions; giving me a great opportunity to talk about Avaiyo and answer some questions about the series that you may find interesting.

Dax Christopher - www.daxchristopheronline.com

Dax Christopher is a multi-genre fiction writer and game designer creating fun and immersive experiences for lovers of stories and games

Here is an excerpt of the interview where Dax describes Avaiyo while leading into one of the first questions of the interview:

“I’ve been through four volumes, and so much has happened in those pages that it’s hard to believe I’ve only scratched the surface of the overall story, yet that’s precisely the feeling I came away with at the end of Volume 04. This is a truly engrossing, truly expansive, very well designed narrative; to ask for a general overview of the plot would be too simplistic, because this story is bigger than a “plot.” This is a world, with factions, political upheaval, rebellion, and far reaching consequences, despite the sharp focus on the individual perspective as the world is made more familiar to the reader.”

– Dax Christopher


I was completely blown away by the shear dedication Dax has given to this interview and the series. Throughout the interview, he’s come up with some really deep rooted and crafted out questions that caught me by surprise. You can find the interview here:

10 Questions with an Artist: Jeremy Fetter

Devil’s Playground


Dax is a author, writer, blogger and game designer who has created several board games; one of which I had the chance to play – “Devil’s Playground.” It’s an incredible game and I had a blast playing it – http://www.devilsplaygroundgame.com/