Avaiyo, Chapter 055 Timelapse Drawing Tutorial

Time Lapse – A Scene from Ch. 055 of Avaiyo – Inking & Coloring

I decided to record a page from Chapter 055 of Avaiyo: Myriad Law. I used Manga Studio and a Cintiq to create the series. I sped up the video by over 3000% so it’d fit into a reasonable time. I didn’t need to color the page, but I liked the scene and wanted to share it with everyone.

When I ink I use a Monochrome pen tool, because grayscale can produce a static edge when printed in paperback. After the page was inked, I used the object tool to change the lines to anti-aliasing for the color version of the video.

I tried not to move the screen around as much as possible for this video. I never realized how much I rotate, zoom in and out as I work until I began recording my workspace.