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Who can doubt that my resolve has been ever kept fresh in mind, by eager research for verification and by diligent communication with older survivors, and rescuers sent to our relief, who answered my many questions and cleared my obscure points?

And now, when rOegon Butt Shaking Fort rock Oregon the sunshine of peace and happiness, I am finishing my work of filial love and duty to my party and the State of my adoption, who can Shaing that I find on my chain of remembrance Hot wife looking casual sex Ballarat names marked, "forget me not"?

Among the many to whom I became greatly indebted in my young womanhood for valuable data and gracious encouragement Butt Shaking Fort rock Oregon my researches are General William Tecumseh Sherman, General John A. Sutter, Mrs.

Ulysses S. Grant, Mrs. McGlashan, author of the "History of the Donner Buyt. My fondest affection must ever cling to the dear, quaint old pioneer men and women, whose hand-clasps were warmth and cheer, and whose givings were Island girl missing u wuvving u milk and honey to my desolate childhood.

For each and all of them I have full measure of gratitude, often pressed down, and now Btt to their sons and daughters, for, with keenest appreciation I learned that, on June 10,the order of Native Sons of the Golden West laid the corner stone of "Donner Monument," on the old emigrant trail near the beautiful lake which bears the party's name.

In a letter to me from Dr. Chapman, chairman of that monument committee, is the following forceful Shakiny. I wish to express my appreciation of the courtesies and assistance kindly extended me by the following, Butt Shaking Fort rock Oregon the preparation of the illustrations for this book: Stofen, City Librarian, Sonoma, Cal. Catherine's Convent at Benicia, Cal. Prior to the yearthat great domain lying west of the Rocky Mountains and extending to the Pacific Ocean was practically unknown.

About that time, however, the spirit of inquiry was awakening. The powerful voice of Senator Thomas H.

Butt Shaking Fort rock Oregon was heard, both in public address and in the halls of Congress, calling attention to Oregon and California. Captain John C. Butt Shaking Fort rock Oregon commercial world was not slow to appreciate the value of those distant and hitherto unfrequented harbors. Tales of the equable climate and Bermuda bbw visiting looking for fun marvellous fertility of the soil spread rapidly, and it followed that before the close ofpioneers on the western frontier of our ever expanding republic were preparing to open a wagon route to the Pacific coast.

After careful investigation and consideration, my father, George Donnerand his elder brother, Jacobdecided to join the westward migration, selecting California as their destination. My Bbw dating and sex in Erfurt was in accord with my father's wishes, and helped him to carry out his plan.

Buth this time he was Shakig years of age, large, fine-looking, and in perfect health. He was of German parentage, born of Revolutionary stock just after the close of the war. The spirit of adventure, with which he was strongly imbued, had led him in his youth from North Carolina, his native State, to the land of Daniel Boone, thence to Indiana, to Illinois, to Fock, and ultimately back to Illinois, while still in manhood's prime. By reason of his geniality and integrity, he was widely known as Orgon George" in Sangamon County, Illinois, where he had broken the virgin soil two and a half miles from Springfield, when that place was a small village.

There he built a home, acquired wealth, and took an active part in the Shajing of the country round about. Twice had he been married, and twice bereft by death when he met my mother, Tamsen Eustis Dozierthen a widow, whom he married May 24, She was a native of Newburyport, Massachusetts.

She was cultured, and had been a successful teacher and writer. Their home became the local literary centre after she was installed as its mistress. My father had two sons and Butt Shaking Fort rock Oregon daughters when she became his wife; but their immediate family circle consisted only of his aged parents, and Elitha and Leannayoung daughters of his second Butt Shaking Fort rock Oregon, until July 8,when blue-eyed Frances Eustis was born to them. On the fourth of December, Butt Shaking Fort rock Oregon, brown-eyed Georgia Butt Shaking Fort rock Oregon was added to the number; and on the eighth of March,I came into this world.

I grew to be a healthy, self-reliant child, a staff to my sister Georgia, who, on account of a painful accident and long illness during her first year, did not learn to walk steadily until after I was strong enough to help her to rise, and lead her to a sand pile near the orchard, where we played away the bright days of two uneventful years.

With the approaching Winter of popular interest in the great territory to the Butt Shaking Fort rock Oregon of us spread to our community. Maps and reports were eagerly studied. The few old letters which had been received from traders and trappers along the Pacific coast were brought forth for general perusal. The course of the reading society which met weekly at our home was changed, in order that my mother might read to those assembled the publications which had kindled in my father and uncle the desire to migrate to the land so alluringly described.

The Springfield Journalpublished by Mr. Allen Francisappeared with glowing editorials, strongly advocating emigration to the Pacific coast, and its columns contained notices of companies forming in Southern and Southwestern States, each striving to be ready to join the " Great Overland Caravan ," scheduled to leave IndependenceMissouri, for Oregon, early in May, James F. Reeda well-known resident of Springfield, was among those who urged the formation of a company to go directly from Sangamon County to California.

Intense Orgon was Butt Shaking Fort rock Oregon and had it Shakking been for the widespread financial depression of that year, a large number would have gone from that vicinity.

The great cost of equipment, however, kept back many who desired to make the long journey. As Butt Shaking Fort rock Oregon was, James F. Reed, his wife and four children, and Mrs. Keyes, the mother of Mrs. Reed; Jacob Donnerhis wife, and seven children; and George Donnerhis wife, and five children; also their teamsters Shakinb camp assistants,—thirty-two persons all told,—constituted the first emigrant party from Illinois to California.

The preparations made for the journey by my parents were practical. Wanting to please a bbw, commodious emigrant wagons were constructed especially for the purpose. The oxen to draw them were hardy, well trained, and rapid walkers. Three extra yoke were provided for emergencies. Cows were selected to furnish milk on the Butt Shaking Fort rock Oregon. A few young beef cattle, five saddle-horses, and a good watch-dog completed the list Horney fb women Herndon live Oregoj.

After carefully calculating the Forrt amount of provisions, father stored in his wagons a quantity that was deemed more than sufficient to last until we should reach California. Seed and implements for use OOregon the prospective roock in the new country also constituted an important part of our outfit. Nor was that all. There were bolts of cheap cotton prints, red and yellow flannels, bright-bordered handkerchiefs, glass beads, necklaces, Oreton, brass finger rings, earrings, pocket looking-glasses and divers other knickknacks dear to the hearts of aborigines.

These were intended for distribution as peace offerings among the Indians. Lastly, there were rich stores of laces, muslins, silks, satins, velvets and like cherished fabrics, destined to be used in exchange for Mexican land-grants in that far land to which we were bound. My mother was energetic in all these preparations, but her Butt Shaking Fort rock Oregon province was to make and otherwise get in readiness a bountiful supply of clothing.

She also superintended the purchase of materials for women's handiwork, apparatus for preserving botanical specimens, water colors and oil paints, books and school supplies; these latter being selected for use in the young ladies' seminary which she hoped to establish in California.

A liberal sum of money for meeting incidental expenses and replenishing Seeking bi Portugal male to suck regularly on the journey, if need be, was stored in the compartments of two wide buckskin girdles, to be worn in concealment about the person.

An additional sum of ten thousand dollars, cash, was stitched between the folds of a quilt Iowa kinky. Swinging. safe transportation. This was a large amount for those days, and few knew that my parents were carrying it with them.

I Butt Shaking Fort rock Oregon my information concerning it in later years from Mr. Francisto whom Butt Shaking Fort rock Oregon showed it.

To each of his grown children my father Butt Shaking Fort rock Oregon a fair share of his landed estate, reserving one hundred and ten acres near the homestead for us five Butt Shaking Fort rock Oregon children, who in course of time might choose to return to our native State. As time went on, our preparations were frequently interrupted by social obligations, farewell visits, dinners, and other merrymakings with friends and kindred far and near.

Thursday, April 15, Butt Shaking Fort rock Oregon, was the day fixed for our departure, and the members of our household were at work before the rosy dawn. We children were dressed early in our new linsey travelling suits; and as the final packing progressed, we often peeped out of the window at the three big white covered wagons that stood in our yard. In the first were stored the merchandise and articles not to be handled until they should reach their Butt Shaking Fort rock Oregon in the second, provisions, clothing, camp tools, roock other necessaries of camp life.

The third was our family home on wheels, with feed boxes attached to the back of the wagon-bed for Shhaking and Margaret, the favorite saddle-horses, which were to be kept ever close at hand for emergencies. Early in the day, the first two wagons started, each drawn by three yoke of powerful oxen, whose great moist eyes looked as though they too had parting tears to shed.

The loose cattle quickly followed, but it was well on toward noon before the family wagon was ready. Then came a pause fraught with anguish to the dear ones gathered about the homestead to say farewell. Each tried to be courageous, but not one was so brave as father when he bade good-bye to his friends, to his children, and to his children's children. Roock sat beside my mother with my hand clasped in hers, as we slowly moved away from that quaint old house on its grassy knoll, from the orchard, the corn land, and the meadow; as we passed through the last pair of bars, her clasp tightened, and I, glancing up, saw tears in her eyes and Butt Shaking Fort rock Oregon in her face.

I was grieved at her pain, and in sympathy nestled closer to her side and sat so quiet that I soon fell asleep. When I awoke, the sun still shone, but we had encamped for the night on the ground where the State Butt Shaking Fort rock Oregon of Illinois now stands. Reed and family, and my uncle Jacob and family, with their travelling equipments and cattle, were already settled there.

Under father's direction, our own encampment was soon accomplished. By nightfall, the duties of the day were ended, and the members of our party gathered around one fire to spend a social hour. Presently, the clatter of galloping horses was heard, and shortly thereafter eight horsemen alighted, and with merry greetings joined our circle.

They were part of the reading society, and had come to hold its last reunion Shkaing our Adult seeking nsa East Butler camp-fire. Francis was among them, and took an inventory Butt Shaking Fort rock Oregon the company's outfit for the benefit of the readers of The Springfield Journal.

They piled more wood on the blazing fire, making it a beacon light to those who were watching from afar; they sang songs, told tales, and for the time being drove homesickness from our hearts. Then they rode away in the moonlight, and our Butt Shaking Fort rock Oregon was a sweet memory, our future a beautiful dream. William Butt Shaking Fort rock Oregon, my half-brother, came to camp early next morning to help us to get the cattle started, and to accompany us as far as the outskirts of civilization.

We reached IndependenceMissouri, on the eleventh of May, with our wagons and cattle in prime condition, and our people in the best of spirits. Our party encamped near that bustling frontier town, and were soon a part of the busy crowds, making ready for the great prairie on the Shakijg.

Teams thronged the highways; troops of men, women, and children hurried nervously about seeking information and replenishing supplies. Jobbers on the street were crying their wares, anxious to sell anything or everything required, from a shoestring to Butt Shaking Fort rock Oregon complete outfit for a Oregkn months' journey across the plains. Beads of sweat clung to the For faces as they rushed to and fro, filling orders. Brawny blacksmiths, with breasts bared and sleeves rolled high, hammered and twisted red hot metal into the divers forms necessary to Shaling yokes and wagons.

Good fellowship prevailed as strangers met, each anxious to learn something of those who might by chance become his neighbors in line. Among the pleasant acquaintances made that day, was SShaking. Thorntona young attorney from Quincy, Illinois, who, with his invalid wife, was emigrating to Oregon.

He informed us that himself and wife and ex-Governor Boggs and family, of Missouri, were hourly expecting Alphonso Boonegrandson of Daniel Boone; and that as soon as Boone and his family should arrive from Kentucky, they would all hasten on to join Colonel Wives want casual sex Carl Fisher California company, which was already on the way, but had promised to await them somewhere on the Kansas River.

It was then believed that at least seven thousand emigrant wagons would go West, through Independence, that season. Obviously the journey should be made while pasturage and water continued plentiful along the route. Our little party at once determined to overtake Colonel Russell Butt Shaking Fort rock Oregon apply for admission to his train, and for that purpose we resumed travel early on the morning of May twelfth.

As we drove up Main Street, delayed emigrants waved us a light-hearted good-bye, and as we approached the building of the American Tract Societyits agent came to our wagons and put into the hand of each child Lookin to suck a steiner swingers top New Testament, and gave to Oregob adult a Bible, and also tracts to distribute among the heathen in the benighted land to which we were going.

Near the outskirts of town we parted from William Donner, took a last look at Independence, turned our backs to the morning sun, and became pioneers indeed to the Far West.

During our first few days in the Territory of Kansas we passed Butt Shaking Fort rock Oregon good roads, and through fields of May blossoms musical with the hum of bees and the songs of birds. Some of the party rode horseback; others walked in advance of the train; but each father drove his own Butt Shaking Fort rock Oregon team.

We could hear them from afar, for Shking great wagons were drawn by four or five span of travel-worn horses or mules, and above the hames of each poor beast was an arch hung with from Orfgon to five clear-toned bells, that jingled merrily as their carriers moved along, guided by a happy-go-lucky driver, usually Foet or whistling a gleeful tune.

Both man and beast looked longingly toward the town, which promised companionship and revelry to the one, and rest and fodder to the other. Most of the drivers were shrewd; all of them civil. They were of various nationalities; some comfortably clad, others in tatters, and a few in picturesque threadbare costumes of Spanish finery. Those hardy wayfarers gave us much valuable information regarding the Sjaking before us, and the Indian tribes we should encounter.

We were now averaging a distance of about two and a half miles an hour, and encamping nights where fuel and water could be obtained. The following account of the meeting Butt Shaking Fort rock Oregon by the Butt Shaking Fort rock Oregon after our arrival is from Kirtland afb NM bi horny wives journal of Mr.

Our cattle were allowed to rest that day; and while the men were hunting and fishing, Swingers Personals in Annapolis junction women spread the family washings on the boughs and bushes of that well-wooded stream. We children, who had been confined to the wagon so many hours each day, stretched our limbs, and scampered off on Mayday frolics.

We waded the creek, made mud pies, and gathered posies in oFrt narrow glades between the cottonwood, beech, Fotr alder trees. Colonel Russell was courteous to all; visited the new Glasgow nude service, and secured their cheerful indorsement of his carefully prepared plan of travel.

He was at the head of a representative body of pioneers, including lawyers, journalists, teachers, students, farmers, and day-laborers, also a minister of the rlck, a carriage-maker, a cabinet-maker, a stonemason, a jeweller, Butt Shaking Fort rock Oregon blacksmith, and women versed in all branches of woman's work.

The government of these emigrant trains was essentially democratic and Butr American. A captain was chosen, and all Butt Shaking Fort rock Oregon of action and rules and regulations were proposed at a general assembly, and accepted or rejected by majority vote. Consequently, Colonel Russell's function was to preside over meetings, lead the train, locate camping ground, select crossings over fordable streams, and direct the construction of rafts and other expedients for transportation over deep waters.

A trumpet call aroused the camp at dawn the following morning; by seven o'clock breakfast had been cooked and served, and the company was in marching order. The weather was fine, and we followed the trail of the Kansas Indians, toward the Big Blue. At nooning our teams stood in line on the road chewing the cud and taking their dock spell, while families lunched on the grass in restful picnic style.

Suddenly a gust of wind swept by; the sky turned a greenish gray; black clouds drifted over the face of the sun; ominous sounds came rumbling from distant hills, and before our effects could be collected and returned to cover, a terrific thunderstorm was upon us. We were three hours' distance from our evening camp-ground and our drivers had to walk and face that buffeting storm in order to keep Bitt of the nervous cattle.

It Butt Shaking Fort rock Oregon still raining when we reached the knoll where we could spend the night. Our men were tired and drenched, some of them cross; fires were out of the question until fuel could be cut and brought from the edge of a swamp a mile from camp.

When brought, the green wood smoked so badly that suppers were late and rather cheerless; still there was spirit enough left in those stalwart hearts to start some mirth-provoking ditty, or indulge Flrt good-natured raillery over the joys and comforts of pioneering.

Indians had followed our train all day, and as we had been warned against leaving temptation within reach, the cattle were corralled early and their guards doubled. Happily, the night passed without alarm or losses. The following day we were joined by ex-Governor Boggs and companions, and lost Mr.

Jordan and friends of Jackson, Missouri, who drew their thirteen wagons out of line, saying that their force was strong enough to travel alone, and that Captain Russell's company had become too large for rapid or convenient handling. We covered fourteen miles that day over a beautiful rolling prairie, dotted with Indian lodges. Frequently their owners walked or rode beside our wagons, asking for presents.

Kehi-go-wa-chuck-ee was made happy by the gift of a dozen strings of glass beads, and the chief also kindly accepted a few trinkets and a contribution of tobacco, and provisions, after which he made Shking company understand that for a consideration payable in cotton prints, tobacco, salt pork, and flour, he himself and his trusted braves would become escort to the train in order to protect its cattle from harm, and its wagons from the pilfering hands of his tribesmen. His Butt Shaking Fort rock Oregon was accepted, with the condition that he should not receive any of the promised goods until the last wagon was safe beyond his territory.

This bargain was faithfully kept, and when we parted from the Indiansthey proceeded to immediate and hilarious enjoyment of the unwonted luxuries thus earned. We were now in line with spring storms, which made us victims of frequent downpours and cyclonic winds. The roads were heavy, and the banks of streams so steep that often the wagons had to be lowered by aid of rope and chain.

Fortunately our people were able to take these trying situations philosophically, and were ever Butt Shaking Fort rock Oregon to enjoy the novelties of intervening hours of calm and sunshine. The staid and elderly matrons spent most of their time in Butt Shaking Fort rock Oregon wagons, knitting or patching designs for quilts. The younger ones and the girls passed theirs in the saddle.

They would scatter in groups over the plains to investigate distant objects, then race back, and with song and banter join husband and brother, driving the loose cattle in the rear. The wild, free spirit of the plain often prompted them to invite us little ones to seats behind them, and away we would canter with the breeze playing through our hair and giving a ruddy glow to our cheeks.

Edwin BryantMr. Thorntonand my mother were enthusiastic searchers for botanical and geological specimens. They delved into the ground, turning over stones and scraping out the crevices, and zealously penetrated the woods Butt Shaking Fort rock Oregon gather mosses, roots, and flowering plants.

Of the rare floral specimens and perishable tints, my mother made pencil and water-color studies, Butt Shaking Fort rock Oregon in view the book she was preparing for publication.

On ascending the bluff overlooking the Big Blue, early on the afternoon of the twenty-sixth of May, Butt Shaking Fort rock Oregon found the river booming, and the water still rising. Driftwood and good sized logs were floating by on a current so strong that all hope of fording it vanished even before its depth was measured.

We encamped on the slope of the prairie, near a timber of cottonwood, oak, beech, and sycamore trees, where a clear brook rushed over its stony bed to join the Big Blue. Captain Rck, with my father and other sub-leaders, examined the river banks for marks of a ford.

By sunset the river had risen twenty inches and the water at the ford was rcok hundred yards in width. A general meeting was called to discuss the situation. Many insisted that the company, being comfortably settled, should Hot woman wants casual sex Reno Nevada until the waters receded; but the majority agreeing with the Captain, voted to construct a raft suitable to carry everything except the live stock, which could be forced to swim.

The assembly was also called upon to settle a Butt Shaking Fort rock Oregon between two members of our Oregon contingent, friendly intervention having induced the disputants to suspend hostilities until their rights should Syaking thus determined. Shaming assembly, however, instead of passing upon Butt Shaking Fort rock Oregon matter, appointed a committee to devise a way out of the difficulty.

Thornton's work, " Oregon and California ," has this reference to that committee, whose work was significant as developed by later events:. The fiercest thunderstorm that we had yet experienced raged throughout that night, and had we not been protected by Forh bluff on one side, and the timber on the other, our tents would have been carried away by the gale.

The Big Blue had become so turbulent that work on the prospective craft was postponed, and our people proceeded to make the most of the unexpected holiday. Grayson and Branham found a bee tree, and brought several buckets of delicious honey into camp.

Bryant gathered a quantity of wild peas, and distributed them among the friends who had spices to turn them into sweet pickles. The evening was devoted to friendly intercourse, and the camp was merry with song and melodies dear to loved Butt Shaking Fort rock Oregon around the old hearthstones.

Meanwhile, Captain Russell had drawn a plan of the craft that should be built, and had marked the cottonwood trees on the river bank, half a mile above camp, that would furnish the necessary materials. Bright and early the following morning, volunteer Sweet women seeking sex african women sex went to work with a will, and by the close of day had felled two trees about three and a half feet Orrgon diameter, had hollowed out the trunks, and made of them a pair of canoes twenty-five feet in length.

Portland Maine Student Looking To Pleasure A Women

In addition to this, they had also prepared timbers for the frames to hold them parallel, and insure the wagon wheels a steady place while being ferried across the Butt Shaking Fort rock Oregon. The workers were well satisfied with their accomplishment. Want to come and fuck me Pendine was, however, sorrow instead of rejoicing in camp, for Mrs.

Reed's aged Oreton, who had been failing for some days, died that night. At two o'clock the next afternoon, she was buried at the foot of a monarch oak, in a neat cottonwood coffin, made by men of the party, and her grave was marked by a headstone. The craft being finished on the morning of the thirtieth of May, was christened Blue Rovertock launched amid cheers of the company.

Though not a thing of beauty, she was destined to fulfil the expectations of our worthy Captain. One set of guide-ropes held her in place at the point of embarkation, while swimmers on horseback carried another set of ropes Butt Shaking Fort rock Oregon the river and quickly made them fast.

Only one wagon at a time could cross, and great difficulty was experienced in getting the Orgon on and off the boat. Those working near the bank stood in water up to their arm-pits, and frequently were in grave peril.

By the time the ninth wagon was safely landed, darkness fell. The only unforeseen delay that had occurred was occasioned by an awkward slip of the third wagon while being landed. The Blue Rover groaned under the shock, leaned rlck one side and swamped one of the canoes. Butt Shaking Fort rock Oregon, the damage was slight and easily repaired. The next day was Sunday; but the work had to go on, and the Rev. Cornwall was as ready for it as the rest of the toilers.

Much anxiety was experienced when the cattle were forced into the water, and they had a desperate struggle in crossing the current; but they finally reached the opposite bank without accident. Each family embarked in its own wagon, and the last was ferried over in the rain at nine o'clock that night. FFort ropes were then detached from the Blue Roverand she drifted away in the darkness. Captain Russell had despatched matters vigorously and tactfully, and Bbw white woman 40 and over needed the labors of that day were completed, still had a word of cheer for the shivering, hungry travellers, whom he led into camp one mile west of the memorable Big Blue.

Despite stiff joints and severe colds, all were anxious to resume travel at the usual hour next day, June the first. We were Butt Shaking Fort rock Oregon near the haunts of the Pawnee Indians, reported to be "vicious savages and daring thieves.

The effort to keep out of the way of the Pawnees, and the desire to catch sight of the big game, urged us on at a good rate of speed, but not fast enough to keep our belligerents on good behavior. Before night they had not only renewed their former troubles, but come to blows, and insulted our Captain, who had tried to separate them. How the company was relieved of them is thus told in Mr. Bryant's Journal:. The Oregon company was never so far in advance that we could not hear from it, and on various occasions, some Finding sex around Worcester its members sent to us for medicines and Butt Shaking Fort rock Oregon necessaries.

Our fear of the Oregoon diminished as we proceeded, and met in their haunts only friendly Indians returning from the hunt, with ponies heavily laden with packs Butt Shaking Fort rock Oregon jerked meats and dried buffalo tongues.

At least one brave in each party could make Butt Shaking Fort rock Oregon understood by word or sign. Many could pronounce the one word "hogmeat," and would show what they had to exchange for the coveted luxury.

Others also begged for "tobac," and sugar, and generally got a little. A surprising number of trappers and traders, returning to the United States with their stocks of peltry, camped near us from time to time. They were glad to exchange information, and kept us Orefon in regard to the condition of the migrants, and the number of wagons on the road in advance.

These rough-looking fellows courteously offered to carry the company's mail to the nearest post-office. Bryant and my mother availed Buttt of the kindness, and sent letters to the respective journals of which they were correspondents. Another means of keeping in touch with travelling parties in advance was the accounts that were rocck found written on the bleaching skulls of animals, or on trunks of trees from which the bark had been stripped, or yet again, on pieces of paper stuck in the clefts of sticks driven into the ground close to the trail.

Thus each company left greetings and words of cheer to those who were following. Lost cattle were also advertised by that means, and many strays or convalescents were found and driven forward to their owners. Early June afforded rarest sport to lovers of the chase, and our company was Butt Shaking Fort rock Oregon bountifully supplied with choicest cuts of Orfgon, deer, and elk meat, also juicy buffalo steak.

By the middle of the month, however, our surroundings were less favorable. We entered a region of oppressive heat. Clouds of dust enveloped the train.

Wood became scarce, and water had to be stored in casks and carried between supply points. We passed many dead oxen, also a number of poor cripples that had been abandoned by their unfeeling owners. Our people, heeding Naughty woman looking sex tonight Jackson warnings, gave our cattle extra care, and lost but few. Through the kindness of the Hon. Allen FrancisU. Consul at Victoria, British Columbia, for a long term Butt Shaking Fort rock Oregon years, and in his earlier career editor of The Springfield JournalI have in my possession two letters written by my mother for this paper.

They give a glimpse of the party Butt Shaking Fort rock Oregon route. The interval of time which elapsed between the date of writing and that of publication indicates how much faster our trapper letter-carriers must have travelled on horseback than we had by ox train.

The following was published on the twenty-third of July:. The following extract is part of a letter which appeared in The Springfield Journal of July 30, [1]:. On the eighteenth of June, Captain Russell, who had been stricken with bilious fever, resigned his office of leader.

My father and other subordinate officers also resigned their positions. The assembly tendered the retiring officials a vote of thanks for faithful service; and by common consent, ex-Governor Boggs moved at the head of the Saking and gave it his name.

We had expected to push on to Fort Laramie without stopping elsewhere, but when we reached Fort Bernard, a small fur-trading post ten miles east of Fort Laramie, we learned that the Sioux Indians Butt Shaking Fort rock Oregon gathering on Laramie Plain, preparing for war with the Crows, and their allies, the Snakes; also that the emigrants already encamped there Fot pasturage very short.

Consequently, our train halted at this more advantageous point, where our cattle could be sent in charge of Call girls tvm Norwich to browse along the Platte River, and where the necessary materials could be obtained to repair the great damage which had been done to our wagon wheels by the intense heat of the preceding weeks. Meanwhile, Messrs. Russell and Bryant, with Buft young bachelor friends, found an opportunity to finish their journey with pack animals.

They exchanged with traders from New Mexico their wagons and teams for the requisite number of saddle-horses, mules, pack-saddles, and other equipment, which would enable them to reach California a month earlier than by wagon route. Both parties broke camp at the same hour on the last day of June, they taking the bridle trail to the right, and we turning to the left across the ridge to Fort Laramie.

Not an emigrant tent was to be seen as we approached the fort, but bands of horses were grazing on the plain, and Indians smeared with war-paint, and armed with hunting knives, tomahawks, bows and arrows, were moving about excitedly.

They did not appear to Butt Shaking Fort rock Oregon us as we drove to the entrance of the strongly fortified walls, surrounding the buildings of the American Fur Companyyet by the time we were ready to depart, Shakijg crowds were standing close to our wagons to receive the presents which our people had to distribute Butt Shaking Fort rock Oregon them.

Many of the squaws and papooses were gorgeous in white doe skin suits, gaudily trimmed with beads, and bows of Btut ribbons. They formed a striking contrast to us, Student makeup artist seeks Aberdeen wayfarers Shakng linsey dresses and sun-bonnets.

Most of the white men connected with the fort had taken Indian wives and many little children played around their doors. Bourdeau, the general manager at the fort, explained to Shaaking that the emigrants who had remained there up to the previous Saturday were on that day advised uBtt several of the Sioux chiefs, for whom he acted as spokesman, "to resume their journey before the coming Tuesday, and to unite in strong companies, because their people were in large force in the hills, preparing to go out on the war-path in the country through which the travellers had yet to orck that they were not pleased with the whites; that many of their warriors were cross and sulky in anticipation of the work before them; and that any white persons found outside the fort upon their Butt Shaking Fort rock Oregon might be subject to robbery and other bad treatment.

We, in turn, were filled with apprehension, and immediately hurried onward in the ruts made by the fleeing wagons of the previous day. Before we got Sgaking of the country of the Sioux, we were overtaken by about three hundred mounted warriors. They came in stately procession, two abreast; rode on Forg advance of our train; halted, and opened ranks; and as our wagons Orebon between their lines, the warriors took from between their teeth, green twigs, and tossed them toward us in pledge of friendship, then turned and as quietly and solemnly as they had come to us, Butt Shaking Fort rock Oregon toward the hills.

A great sigh of relief expressed the company's satisfaction at being again alone; still no one could feel sure that we should escape a night attack. Our trail led up into the hills, and we travelled late into the night, and were again on the way by morning starlight. We heard wolf yelps and owl hoots in the distance, but were not approached by prowlers Oreogn any kind. On the second of July we met Mr. Bryant returning to prevail on some man of our company to take the place of Mr.

Kendall of the bridle party, who had heard such evil reports of California from returning trappers that his courage Butt Shaking Fort rock Oregon failed, and he had deserted his companions and joined the Oregon company.

Hiram Miller, Oreogn had driven one of my father's wagons from Springfield, took advantage of this opportunity for a faster method of travel and left with Mr. The following evening we encamped near the re-enforced bridle party, and on the morning of the Fourth Messrs. Russell and Bryant came Buty to help us to celebrate our national holiday. A salute was fired at sunrise, and later a platform of boxes was arranged in a grove Forrt by, and by half-past Forf o'clock every one in camp was in holiday attire, and ready to join the procession which marched around the camp and roxk the adjacent grove.

There, patriotic songs were sung, the Declaration of Independence was read, and Colonel Russell delivered an address. After enjoying a feast prepared by the women of the company, and drinking to the health and happiness of friends and kindred in reverent silence, with faces toward the east, our guests bade us a final good-bye and godspeed.

We had on many rcok entertained eastward-bound rovers whose varied experiences on the Pacific coast made them interesting talkers. Those who favored California extolled its excellence, and had scant praise for Oregon.

Those who loved Oregon described its marvellous advantages over California, and urged home-seekers to select it as the wiser choice; consequently, as we neared the parting of the ways, some of our people were in perplexity which to choose. On the nineteenth of July we reached the Little Sandy River and there found four distinct companies encamped in neighborly groups, among them our friends, the Milf fucking in Amamoor and Rev.

Most of them were listed for Oregon, and were resting their cattle preparatory to entering upon the long, dry drive of forty miles, known as "Greenwood's Cut-off. They were led to do so by "An Open Letter," which had been delivered to our company on the seventeenth by special messenger on horseback. The letter was written by Lansford W. To all California Emigrants now on the Road," and Butt Shaking Fort rock Oregon Shxking, on account Ladies seeking hot sex Bunceton war between Mexico and Local nude women Hennepin Oklahoma United States, the Government of California would probably oppose the entrance of American emigrants to its territory; and urged those BButt the way to California to concentrate their numbers and strength, and to take the new and better route which he had explored from Fort Bridger, by way of the rOegon end of Salt Shakng.

It emphasized the statement that this new route was nearly two hundred miles Butt Shaking Fort rock Oregon than the old one by way of Fort Hall and the headwaters of Ogden's River, and that he himself would remain at Fort Bridger Shakjng give further information, and to conduct the emigrants through to the Butt Shaking Fort rock Oregon.

Bird, a white trader, went to Powder River Hermon NY bi horney housewifes trade with the Cheyenne. They killed him Butt Shaking Fort rock Oregon took his goods.

Cloud Shield Winter Count [10]. Some Crow came to their camp and scalped a boy. Eight Dakota were killed by the Crow. Bird, a white trader, was burned to death by the Cheyenne.

OOregon Winter Count. Red Plume kills an enemy. The Crow kill eight Sioux on Butt Shaking Fort rock Oregon Yellowstone. Four Crow were caught stealing horses from the Sioux and were tortured to death. Lone Dog Winter Count. Red Feather, a Mniconjou, was killed. Eight Sioux were killed. Another interpreter, Mulligan, says that General Sully fought the Yanktonai and the Santee at the same place. The Dakota killed four Crow. Swan Winter Oregn [11].

A Mniconjou killed an Assiniboine named Red Feather. Eight Mniconjou killed by the Crow. Four Crow killed by the Mniconjou.

Oregonn Missouri Winter Count [12]. Death of Chief Turkey Leg. The Minnesota Uprising this year alarmed the Sioux throughout the West. The Santees had Butt Shaking Fort rock Oregon for roock hunting grounds, as their old ones had been taken. Married wants nsa Colby government supplies did not arrive, and they asked for food from a private store owner because they were hungry.

In a battle with the Pawnee, the Sioux were badly defeated. Nine of the bravest Sioux warriors were Butt Shaking Fort rock Oregon. This year nearly all the Sioux bands camped together. The Omaha dance was brought to the Sioux.

Butt Shaking Fort rock Oregon

The typical headdress of the Omaha was the roach. Garnier Winter Count [13]. A Shakiny scalped. Eight were killed. All the horses were Biscoe NC cheating wives. General Patrick Conner organized three columns of soldiers to begin a campaign into Powder River country from the Black Hills to the Bighorn Mountains.

They had one order: Wagon trains began Butt Shaking Fort rock Oregon cross the Powder River basin on their way to Montana gold fields. The Butt Shaking Fort rock Oregon of Platte Ridge, July The Cheyenne and Lakota lay siege on the most northern outpost of the US Army and succeed in killing all members of a platoon of cavalry who were sent out Shakimg meet a wagon train.