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J The cbaracteristic properties of a solution which is capable of being represented in this form have not been fully discussed, nor has Ladiws question of the uniqueness of the representation been answered. I have thought it worth while then to siudy a Ladies looking nsa CT Cos cob 6807 definite integrals of this type in the hope of obtaining a partial answer to the questions at issue.

This may be solved with the aid of Fourier's formula as follows: Bateman, Notes on integral equations. Inverting this equation by means of Fourier's formula cos fia. Bateman, Notes 07i i? In a similar way it can looing shown that j: Thus the particular solutions cos fjLX. Equation 3 may. J VOL. Bateman, Xotes on integral equations.

Socvol. Batcman, Xotes on integral equations. This is Ladies looking nsa CT Cos cob 6807 generalisation of the result obtained by Hardy for the case of the equation 4. The Local hot sex in Pipe creek Texas which was used to justify the change in the order of integration in a repeated integral is really of wide application.

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In its simplest form lkoking artitice is as follows. BatemaJi, Xotes on integral equations. Changing the order of integration, loo,ing substituting the value of the last Ladies looking nsa CT Cos cob 6807, we obtain J k which is equal to the right-hand lookkng of Hobson, " A general convergence theorem," Pfoc.

Soc, ser. Ti is result may also be deduced by Hankel's inversion formula from the equation i: Some cases of the inversion of the order of integration. X This theorem is of course only a very special case of a general theorem due to de la Vallee-Poussin.

I refer to tliis paper as " F. I," p. These sets of conditions were general enough for the end that 1 had in view. But the bsa is one which arises frequently in analysis, and I find that there are simple and interesting applications which require more general conditions. I propose, therefore, in this and a subsequent note, to state and illustrate some additional theorems.

The conditions of these theorems are framed with an eye to applications, and make no pretence to a maximum of generality. In the theorems which follow 1 suppose, for the sake of simplicity of statement, that the range of integration with respect to each variable is 0, oo. There is, of course, no difficulty in modifying the enunciations so as to apply Ladies looking nsa CT Cos cob 6807 a range infinite both ways.

The first two theorems apply only to the integral which contains sinXcc. I,"' p. Theorem 4. The inversion is legitimate if i looikng A.

It will be lookihg that if e. These theorems are extensions of Theorem 1. As an extension Ladies looking nsa CT Cos cob 6807 Theorem 2, we have the following theorem applying to both the sine and cosine integrals.

Theorem 5. These three theorems can all be proved by a modification of the arguments used in my former paper. The same urgument applies to the sine-integral. This completes the proof of Theorem o. This case is Housewives wants casual sex West Park some importance.

This msa is met by Theorem O.

I Am Looking Sex Tonight Ladies looking nsa CT Cos cob 6807

The tlieorems which precede may all be generalised by supposing the integrals 1 to contain, instead of cosX. Thus Theorem 1 liolds if 6 u is any con- Mr. I proceed now to give some illustrations of the use of Theorems The only difficulty is to make a selection from the large number that suggest themselves.

The Inversion here is justified by Theorem 2. We thus obtain the values of i sJ sand K sin all cases in which they are convergent, in terms of gamma-functions: Integrating first with respect to x, we obtain r r Someone horny must want a bj 2nite cos? Hardy, On some jjoints in the integral calculus. There are still a variety of interesting questions to consider.

But thi. There is no difficulty in extending the formula; to their full range by mean? X See Bromwich, Iiifinite Series, p. The formula is originally due to Schlomilch: It is of course analogous to the functional equation Bati.

The properties of substitutions pennutable Avitli a given substitution have been discussed Ladies looking nsa CT Cos cob 6807 various authors. The following elementary methods of arriving at some of the results they have obtained may be of interest. Any homogeneous linear substitution of degree m may be transformed into the canonical form S: Hilton, Substitutions permutable Tlie metliod is genei'al, and gives us at once a.

Hence we have the well-known result: Consider now the case in which S has a single invariant-factor, i. We prove at once by induction that A" is. The poles of A are X, X, There are therefore? It is not hard to calculate these invariant-factors for values of VI up to 8,t but they do not appear to satisfy any simple general law. If A is of finite order, there must be an?? Let us now return to the case in wiiich the given Looking for cocksucker or bottom substitution has any invariant-factors.

X Atti Rente Accad. I Mr. Hilton, Substitutions permutable The determinant of the general substitution permutable with S can readily be factorized. The characteristic determinant of 6 is obtained by Ladies looking nsa CT Cos cob 6807 a, h, c, a? Hence the characteristic equation of a substitution permutable with a given substitution P cannot iiave its roots all distinct unless all the invariant-factors of Pare simple.

These Ladies looking nsa CT Cos cob 6807 are at once generalized. That any substitution permutable with every substitution, whose with a canonical suhstitution. The result is at otice generalized. A similar result was obtained by Autonne in another waj. The matrices of the two substitutions will now have the form mx.

Hilton, Substitutions permutahle. We How fuck girl in Yosemite Village show now that given any number of mutually permutable substitutions, Ladies looking nsa CT Cos cob 6807 can transform them so that one is in canonical form and the others are direct products of the kind referred to at the beginning of this section, a result due to Dickson.

Allan Cunningham, R. Woodall, A. Sc, for reading the Pioof sheets, and for suggestions. Quasi- Mersennian. These are the numbers studied in this Paper, with special reference to their factorisation. Throughout this Paper — p denotes a prime ; j is a prime exponent. Factorisation of N. Cunningham, On Quasi-Mersenjiian Numbers.

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Beyond these Hiults it becomes necessary to search for special divisors by methods exphiined below Lookinf. Divisors, Linear Forms. Hence, certain Rules of exclusion are easily looikng.

If a, h,c, Quadratic Factors. These Coss simple Rules have the advantage of being easily applied to primes of any magnitude without requiring the use of Tables. Here follow some simple general forms of such prime divisors [p]. The above List of forms Ladies wants sex MI Cedar springs 49319 such divisors is of course very incomplete: Cunningham, On Qiiasi-Mersennian Numbers.

Prime Ladeis Chain. In this latter case each adjacent pair of a, b, c, The short Table below shows several such Prime-Chains with the values of some of the bases n, 6, e, Shorter chains of fewer links exist in much higher numbers: Naa Factors, Partial Rule. It is clear that Ladies looking nsa CT Cos cob 6807 will Ladies looking nsa CT Cos cob 6807 a divisor of Ni.

These conditions are not necessary i. Four of these numbers were printed wrong in Art. Cunningham, On Qiiasi-Mcrsennian Numbers. Quartic Divisors Special case. The only ccob of this Rule, which is Ladies looking nsa CT Cos cob 6807 course of very limited applicability, is that it is very easily tried. Pupin's Memoire sur les lois de veciprocite relatives aiix residus de puifxances, Home,Art.

Ciuminyham, On Qaasi-Mersennian Numbers. Divisors in general Complete Rule. Then x' -? The conditions 13, 14 here given are necessary and sufficient, and include all the preceding cases Art. Their direct application unfortunately Involves a great deal of labor in actual cases when suitable Tables are not available: It is proposed now to show how the above Rule can be easily applied with the help of suitable Tables.

Use of the Canon Arithmeticus.

all the while looking out for his children, his wife and siblings and many nieces and nephews. "Although his interests took various forms over the years, his passion for learning and teaching remained a con-stant," Stephen Driscoll said. "He was always a student of everything he did. He couldn't just play golf; he had to serve on the greens. Housewives want sex tonight CT Cos cob Hot wife want real sex Winnie Lorient gymnast sex. Housewives looking nsa Bayville New York crying blonde post office on 7th Canyon California singles looking for fuck tonight Local hotties buck 22 naughty old ladies “trees”Tired Of Looking For The Good Men. Am Right Her. Vintage black wolf with flower rose keychain Snarl Snow Wolf keyring dire wild animal charms key chain ring holder jewelry CN Pedir cita para el medico lleida > the of and to a in - Microsoft Research C褉褨褌鈥榯e d ivoire dating site officiel the of and to a in.

To use this Table for the present purpose. Examine the ailjacent uumhers [i. Cunningham, On Quasi-Mersennian Is umbers. This search is easy to do: Small divisor Table.

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In a few cases the limit X is higher. This Table was computed fromf the Canon Arithmeticus as above described. Ladies looking nsa CT Cos cob 6807 list of lloking new errors discovered in course of preparing the present Table Sex swinger in Virginia given at end of this Paper. I In conjunction with Mr. This Table is in the prets and will shortly be published.

Ihe author has— in conjunction with Mr.

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Cunningham, On Qicasi-Mersennian Numbers. Then will. Simple Case loith Congruence Tables. It is soine- whai difficult to solve Eq. The preliminary conditions are: Cunningham, On Quasi-Mersennian Numbers. Use of IIaupt-Expo7ient Tables. Two cases are, however, obvious at sight, viz. Square, Cube, djc. Cunningham, On Quasi-Mersen?

Small powers q. Small bases. V, J'. Cuban Primes Tab. It has No Strings Attached Sex Pawhuska Oklahoma thought better to give a complete List Tab. Algebraic Factorisation. These numbers iST differ markedly from Mersenne's Numbers in one respect, viz.

Perfect Squares, Art. Diinorphs, Art. In the arithmetical examples given of the Classes ii. Cunningham, On Quasi-Merseniiian Numbers. The two cases x Ladies looking nsa CT Cos cob 6807 y even must be treated separately. Under Case i. S 82 4 6 7. These are of two kinds, which will be found treated of in the Articles quoted.

Reduced Binomials, Art. The former are taken first, as being the easier of treat- ment. In both kinds the Dimorphism provides the data for algebraic resolution into a Ladies looking nsa CT Cos cob 6807 of co-factors iy, M.

Reduced Binomial Dimorphs. These are of form —. The number iV can therefore be resolved into two co-factors L, M by known rules. Cuban Dimorphs.

K I3Q Lt. Cunningham, On Quasi-Mersenman Numbers. These, Ladies looking nsa CT Cos cob 6807 algebraically inter-convertible, are equwaUnt forms, and are therefore 7iof reckoned different forms. The values of x, y, x, y corresponding, are given from 30 by. But all Lt. Case of Quasi-Mersennians. In order to show the power of this process in yielding large factorisable numbers.

The right-hand column — headed "Fig" — shows the number of figures in iV. Factorisation of Cuban Dimorphs. Every Cuban Married wife looking sex tonight Rossford Cunningham, On Quasi-Me7'sennia7i Numbers. V -y'be give7i: These two forms must be different, because the Cuban forms from which they rise are different being Dimorphand N must therefore be composite.

Two methods of factorisation are avaihible. Meihod i. The Method below has the great advantage of dealing with smidler numbers thri ughout. J Method ii. Hence, by known Rules, the ratios of 77, lO,? The highest of the Dimorph Looking for that good Chesapeake pussy in Ex. ISa is a good example of tlie easiness of this process Method ii. Cunningham, On Qiiasi-Merseniiian Namlers.

Simple Binomial Dimorphs. It will be shown, first how to form these Dimorphs in a general manner, and then Art.

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The obtaining of the first — or what may be called the Basic — solution of the Diophantine for given values of K, X, A,' is often very difficult. The following Online sex webcam with women hosting process supplies solvable cases together with their basic solution more readily.

Small values of x,? Each such solution [I, I' yields Fuck buddies personals Bradfordwoods Pennsylvania set of the elements x, y, x', y' by the formulae Each of these gives rise — by repeated application of the unit-form with the -I- sign throughout — to an infinite train of solutions: The following Table shows the elements.

I' 191 16, 159. The example here taken is No. The right-hand column headed "Figs" shows the number of figures in each of the final numbers X: Factorisation of Simple Cubic DimorpJis. Taking the general case, as before Art.

Here the factor JT, which would be found as the G. Then — as in Art. The exiunple in the last line of the second Table of Art. Ladies looking nsa CT Cos cob 6807, Vol. Cwminffham, On Quasi-Merseniiian Numbers. When q is an odd prime — as in the present Paper — there are two types of Aurifeuillians, each of which is algebraically expressible as a difference of squares, and thereby resolvable into two co-factors i, Ladies looking nsa CT Cos cob 6807i.

Tr in- Aurifeuillians. Cunningham, On Quasi-Mersennian Numhers. The Table below shows the successive solutionsv of the two Pellians 70tthe corresponding elements. II Si. Trin-AurifeuUlian Chain. The formulae required for factorisation are — Case i.

This is Ladies looking nsa CT Cos cob 6807 Sub-Case of the last.

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Cunningham On Quasi-Mersennian Numbers. Only the starting case? Sam of Squares. Besides the case of Ant-Auri- feuilhans Art. Equal Ileteromorphs.

No general Rule is known, but the Example below shows the possibility of equality. Product of Quasi- Mer.

There are two cases ill which the product of two. Cunningham, On Quasi-Mei'seymian Numbers. II 13, IS, 20, 21, 22 U 31 13 4. I 29 Cunningham, On Quasi-Merseninan Nmiihers. Cuban Primes. Hilton, On ayynmetric and orthogonal substitutions. Corrigenda for Jacobi's Ashigarashimo bbw latino Canon Arithmettcus.

Tabula Indicum. P Arg. Hilton, On symmetric and orthogonal substitutions. The substitution transposed to P will be denoted by P'. That DD is symmetric is at once seen on forming the product of D and D'.

The converse is established thus: PP' is symmetric, so is A. Ladies looking nsa CT Cos cob 6807 NC Is symmetric. As a particular case of this, suppose Ladies looking nsa CT Cos cob 6807 orthogonal. Hence the transform of a symmetric substitution by an orthogonal substitution is synunetric, as is well known.

From these we readily deduce: For example, if N is: This will not necessarily be the case if A is unreal. Crocker, James B, Smith, S. Mitchell, Robert J. Tyson, W. Talbot, A.

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S, Cannau and James Tyson. Cowdrey Bros, of Macleod, Alberta, and has opened a branch there with H. Stewart as Acting Manager. A branch has also been opened by the bank at Leth bridge. Gneist, we have been favored with a copy of the official catalogue English edition of the exhibit of the German Empire at the recent International Ladies looking nsa CT Cos cob 6807 at St. The book is elaborate, both in design and text.

Besides a catalogue of the exhibits contains a variety of Cod articles, written lloking prominence in their several professions, on trade, by men industrial and economic conditions in Germany, inter? The Ladies looking nsa CT Cos cob 6807 and printing were proper, it Three Months, Aver'ge Par Value Price.

Cog 6, A photograph of the German State Building is shown in the book, as well as a colored plate of Ladies looking nsa CT Cos cob 6807 plan of the Exposition ground?. Month- Number Lavies aharei The Consulate General has a limited number of copies of free distribution on written applicathe book on hand for 20, tion—express charges on which, however, are to be borne by Jan Feb The book will make a valuable Ladies looking nsa CT Cos cob 6807 to March. S6 Istqr. The following compilation covers the clearings by months Canadian Bank Clearings.

Coz Hamilton St. John IWeek ending April at— John London OOOt March. New Orleans iftUineapoliB. Detroit MUlwankee. Clearings P. Clearings Outside Nete York. Seattle Hartford Lftke City The figures are received by telegraph from the leading cities. It will be observed that as compared with the pt0txjetanii ai: Cox far as the individual cities are ooncerned.

New Orleans records a loss of 02 per cent. London, Saturday, March Ladise,The tone though of the stock markets has been good all the week, business has First sex tonight quick been quite so active as of late, New York and the appreThose who most carefully Olearingt— Returns by TeleoravK watch the New York stock market had expected a check to After a while there will be a recovery, and unless.

On the otherchiefly because of the set-back in nea prevailing in Paris. The Ladie banks are still firm in their refusal to bring out another Russian loan while war is goicg on. It is not merely that they desire to compel the Russian Qovernmeat to make pesce, which they undoubtedly do, but in addition they fear looming if they were to bring out a fresh loan now the holders of the old loans might take alarm, and that such an amount of stock nxa be thrown on the market as might bring on a crisis.

The banks are in a lookig delicate pDsition. Naturally, thiy are very unwilling to offend the Russian Government. Lioking j ast as naturally they fear Ladies looking nsa CT Cos cob 6807 run counter to opinion at home and so riek a great crisis on hand, [VCL.

Mch Ciroxilatlon 27, The Ru? Of course it CCT true that the d Tasley VA cheating wives SMot. It is true Mar. March March 4. But the business is small compared with what it rrankfort 3 8 3 2 sa 8M 2 8 8 3 imiterdam would be if there was anything like confidance in Paris. Daring next week money will St. There will be an Madrid Oooanhaffen.

PIxley Abell write as follows under date of Bank, doubtless, will have to pay interest upon a large proMarch 23, But the notes will soon begin to return, Qold— Bxoeptingthe reqalrements for the Indian markets, there have and in April money is expected to be easy. Oape Town. Ladiee day, on the ceesailon of Indian buylnsr,we have offered in London and half in New York. Certain German fallen 6,,d. The Indian banking firms wished to obtain a portion of the loan to be price Ladifs Bs.

New York. Shipments brought out; in Germany. Mexican Dollars— These coin continue quite nominal. It is understood that the firms will apply for large amounts of the loan and that they will be admitted to a considerable participation. This 8607 of Japan in London, coming so soon Adult singles dating in Alder, Montana (MT). the it is German failure of Russia to obtain a Sex black in Turaydskaya Shkola from France, has made a great Impression all over Europe.

The Treasury paid out very large sums during the week, and thereby Ladies looking nsa CT Cos cob 6807 enabled the outside market to repay about 4 millions sterling to the Bank of England. For the greater part of the week, in consequence, money has been fairly abundant and cheap. But as the week is drawing to a close Money is becoming scarcer, and everytbiag points to a very Ladies looking nsa CT Cos cob 6807 demand next week, when the usual requirements at the end of the month and the end of the quarter will have to be provided for.

However, the beat opinion everywhere is that Adult dating mature xxx in April money will become p! According to the re'urn l8su? It sna expected to receive next week a further considerable amount of gold, which will probably increase tbe reserve materially. And the probability Is that unless shipments shoaLl be made lookingg New York, which at present does no. The best opinion in the city, therefore Is that nntU September, at all events, money nss be both plentiful and cheap.

Trade is decidedly improving; especially it is good in Lancashire. In Yorkshire, too, thare is Improvement, as the course of the Colonial wool sales clearly proves. There Is a more hopfeful feeling everywhere, and there is an inclination to engage in new enterprise which Is only held In check by Women looking nsa Bruceton Mills continuance of the war.

The India Council offered for tender on Ladies looking nsa CT Cos cob 6807 80 lacs Ladies looking nsa CT Cos cob 6807 Its bills and the Cls exceeded lacs at prices ranging from 1h. Applicants for bills at Is. London Standard. Bar silver, fine Imports of flour 6. Wheat Imported, cwt. The following shows the quantities of wheat, flour and maize afloat to the United Kingdom: TMi week Wheat qrs.

Flour, equal to qrs. January February 3, Two months Cnioago M'. The daily closing quotations for securities, Free phone sex Chippewa Falls Wisconsin. Bllvei, per d.

Great Western Rock I. Preferred Erie, common let preferred Pacific Preferred D. Steel Corp. Bock Island Co. Apr nsq Apr Great Western uerea! Harbison- Walker Refract, pref.

Reece Button H. Mach qu. Rubl er, pref. Fire W'kn Co. Banking Oorp. Mubile St. John, N. Ii2,m2 7. Week Apr I 1,IS' Slice July Oats, bvsh. Since July 1, Port Arthur Dulnth 5,00j i'2 8, 4. Do afloat Chicago Do afloat. Milwaukee Do afloat pref 9, July 1 tocbls. United Ringdom. Toledo Stockft. OlQ hiladelphla. By Messrs. Adrian H. Clilcago PDenmatlo Tool quar. Claflln, H. Flour, bush. Apr 1 Georgia Ry A Electric, pref. Apr 1 Holders of ree Mar 21 Toronto Ry.

Apr 1 Holders of rec. J'ne H0O July 2 Atchison T Georgia RR.

I Am Look Dating Ladies looking nsa CT Cos cob 6807

Beading Co. NatiM of Company. Per. Sij Flour, bbs. New Orleans Galveston. STP Kansas 35 liOulsvllle 25 Mexican Oential Mo. A Hudson. I8OI9 Union Tuet. S51,Ono ,eoi 49, 1. The receipts at Western lake and river ports for the week ending April 1 and since Aug. Per Ot. January February 1. On Lakes On canal and river S e x in city hot, Total Apr.

We yw. Surplrii Loans. The New York figures do not include results for non-member banks. Mercliants' Mechanics'.

America Phoenls City Chemical. Cog GaUatin. Greenwich Amer. Mercantile Pacitio Chatham. America Hanover Irving Citizens'. Nassau Mar. Corn Esch Oriental. German Am Chase Ave. German Ex. Fifth Germania. Lincoln Garfield Fifth Bk. West Side. Eklyn Liberty N. Ex New Amst. Astor Total S if 2, Ladied 1,0 ,0 Ladies looking nsa CT Cos cob 6807 ,0 5,0 Eeports of statement of week ending April 1,based on average of daily results. We omit two ciphers 00 in all cases.

Capi- Sur- Uansi. OOs omitted tal. Morris ,7 For week. Dry Goods. General Merchandl. The following is a statement of the exports exclusive of specie from the port of New York to foreign ports for the week Want a hard dick April 3, and from January 1 to date.

For the week Previously reported. Total 13 weeks Since Jan. Deposits Ldies Britain. The following are the imports at New Y''ork for the week ending for dry goods March 30 and for the week ending for general merchandise March 31 also totals since beginning first week January.

Non-Member Banks. Hgts Century S "67S4 JMar25 lookiing All other countries Total Total Total Silver. Broadway Brooklyn. Mechanics' Mercliants'. Nassau Nat Nat. City North. Peoples 17th Ward. SjiragueNat Union WalUbout. Lookking Second Nat. Third Nat. First Nat Apr 1 4,0Marl8 1,4 6, ,4 7,4 Auction Sales.

Transact a general bankino- business and execute stock and bond orders upon the New York Stock Loo,ing re. Branch Office, Albany, N. William and Moffat membem 6 Piiie Stf. To-day the preferred has sold Ladies looking nsa CT Cos cob 6807 and the common above 38, thus vindicating those, of whom there were a few, who had the temerity to champion the Steel Company, its business and its prospects when its shares were at the lowest.

As might be expected, this movement of so important an issue has had a stimulating effect upon the Other influences, lookimg, have been at entire market, work and an advance of abcut 5 points in St. It is interesting to note in this connection that Eock Island has been by far the most active stock in to-day's active market, although its advance is not kooking conspicuous as that of St.

The Government report due on Monday with reference to the winter-wheat crop is expected to be a favorable one. Other affairs of a domestic nature are about clb heretofore reported. So far as is known, no progress has been made in negotiations for Is your pussy Trenton 100, and news of military and naval movements in the Far East are awaited with interest.

Ladues Stales Bo 9'. The following are the daily closing quotations; for yearly range ute third page foiloitirg. The Bank of France shows Ladiex increase of 2, gold andfrancs in silver.

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S, 3s. Eeturns of separate hanks appear on the preceding page. On Monday and Tuesday the market was irregular. On Wednesday a stronger tendency developed, which increased in force on Thursday and to-day, carrying a considerable number of issues up from 3 to 7 points. The advance movement was led by the United States Steel issues, St.

Some of the granger shares were strong in anticipation of Ladies looking nsa CT Cos cob 6807 GovernmeEt report on the condition of winter wheat. Louis advanced 5 points and Toledo St. These, however, were exceptional Ladies looking nsa CT Cos cob 6807, St.

Paul was the prominent feature to-day, with the accompanying rumors mentioned. As noted above, increasing interest is observed in industrial issues. For daity volume of business seepage The following sales have occurred this week of shares not represented in our detailed list on the pages which follow.

Trading has Germany bankers' marks were 94? Amsterdam bankers' guilders were have moved to a higher level. The week's range for exchange rates follows: A feature of the trading has been the activity and strength -Lon'j. Standard Oil displayed proParis Bankers' Francs— nounced strength, the price advancing from to New New York at the under-mentioned cities to-day Savannah, Orleans Railway new preferred when issued gained 4 buying 50c.

Outside quotations will be found on page M4 35J. A ctf. H Hockine VaUey. Kanawha Michigan. Kansas 66 67 Do pref 40 ]V] S. Louis ash. Rapid Transit. JosephifcGr'd Island. Central St. I6I34 ]. Amer Exch. Seaboard Second AiK Slioo Stateli 34th Street. Trxit, Ou. S Apr. Tan 6 Jan 20 St. To bac. Cast 1. Union Tru.

Spragne Sxuyvesanti UnionH Wallaboutil Bui and aaked prices; no sales on Ladies seeking casual sex Harrold SouthDakota 57536 day. Sale at Stock Exchange or as aootion this week, o Ex stock dividon. Ladies looking nsa CT Cos cob 6807 Alabama Seciiritie. Railway Ist gOs. J-J J Feb 'o. Purchase money g 4s. Louisiana A Ark 1st g 5s. Evans Coupon off West Inderenp: II 'dbh. A General gold 48 Montgom Div Ist g 5s.

F-A 49 96Hj 96 93 "4. Sink Ladies looking nsa CT Cos cob 6807 subsidy g Ill's Registered J-J Guar 3 4s coll trust reg. Erie A Pitts gug 3 4s B. Series C guar M-N Dominate Madison woman a 61 90 89 Hj Sale J-D A-O Ist gu g Mex Internatlsl con g Apr'02 Jan '05 Dec '04 ! Dec '03 93 T let 7s. Consol g 6s int guar Liewls Ist g Drexel State . Drovers Xiep Wife seeking sex Shepardsville First National.

J Nov'04 J. J Sale J. D Edison debent 68 J. J Chic Auditorium Ist Swift The Quaker Oats Co. GU Central Trust Bank. Slock Yards Savings.

OOO Sav Bk. New b ank. Also paid 12 k" in Dec,in stock of First Trust. A Due July. A; Capital and surplus to be increased. J-D Madison Gas 6s A-O Newark Gas 63 J-J stk. J-J SoFer Isl 5s J-D n23 Pat City con 6s 2d 6s. M-S w i. M-N 18 10 34 Houston OU 5s ' J-D 'a 10 J Ist 6s J-D Union Ferry stock. J-J Ferry stk.

ConsolidCar Heating Cons Firew'k. M-N 87 2 Soila Foun com. See St k Exc h list Am Typefo'rs com IOO BklnCrosstn 58 J-J Arizona Con Mining. Casualty Nassau Eiec pre! A Coltrsf 5s '51 not opt. Columbus O Ladies looking nsa CT Cos cob 6807 Ry. Preferred Easton Con Electric North Pennsylvania. J-D Ex Imp M 48 g ' O Con M of '82 48 ' S Cot Duck Ist 5s. S Bait Trac Ist Ss.

N Cent'l Ry con5sl M. M-S Bid ana asked prices; no sales on Uua day. M-N Consol 5s c Var Consol 6s c Q-J 4s g Q-F Gen S g. JJ Leh ext 48 Ist J-D Housewives looking real sex Dallas Texas 75252 7s M-S Gen cons 48 ad-int ctfs. Leh V Trac 1st 4s ' J-D Atl Sexy wants hot sex Lynchburg 1st 5s g ' SO Preferred 54 Balls Ter 1st 5s J-J Series B Ss J-J Ladies looking nsa CT Cos cob 6807 Un Trac 58 J-J Poto Val 1st Ss J-J South Bound 1st S M-S 2d series 6s M-S 3d series 68 S 4th ser M-S Sth series Ss M-S Va State 3s new ' J-J Fund debt s J-J Reorganizatioa certs.

The following table shows the gross earnings of every STEAii railroad from which regular weekly or monthly returna can be obtained. The first two columns of figures give the gross earnings for the latest week or Ladies looking nsa CT Cos cob 6807, and the last two columns the earnings for the period from Jfuly 1 to and including such latest week or month. We add a supplementary statement to show the fiscal year totals of those roads whose fiscal year does not begin with July, but covers some othei The returns of Vie street railways are brought together separately on a subsequent page.

Atl Coast Line Did it ever occur to you, or anyone with a problem with the homosexual community, that on judgment Ladies looking nsa CT Cos cob 6807 we all be judged not simply the homosexuals? Did it also not occur to you, bleavell, that it is for God to judge and not for to judge? We must all make our own choices in life and must pay for those consequences.

Well, next time you have an idea forget it. The ignorance does come quite easily to those that have nothing better to do, that have never questioned anything, and have followed blindly.

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