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The town is researching what other communities have done to curb their nakedness. The 50,member American Association for Nude Recreation espouses nude recreation in appropriate places, but doesn't use nudity"for social commentary, or rebelliousness or an act of civil disobedience,"said Mary Jane Kolassa.

This summer, nude bicyclists rode through Burlington to protest the country's reliance on Braftleboro, part of an event Nude women Brattleboro new as the World Naked Bike Ride.

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Elsewhere, nudity has been used to oppose the Iraq war and the treatment of animals. Prompted by complaints about nudity and sexual activity at a swimming hole, the Wilmington select board passed an anti-nudity ordinance in But supporters of the freedom to skinny Nude women Brattleboro new rejected the ban.

Officials weren't sure how they nea have enforced a ban and to what extent, she said.

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Teens Walk Around Nude in Brattleboro, Vermont

This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Several letters to the editor of the Brattleboro Reformer illustrate the divide.

The Brattleboro Selectboard deferred any official decision wmoen a public nudity ordinance in that summer, preferring to let the issue hibernate Nude women Brattleboro new the winter. When nudists reemerged into the sunlight of summerthe controversy reemerged with them.

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It seemed that Brattleboro had become a pilgrimage destination for practitioners of public nudity. During his July 6 downtown tour, Crowe took in the sights.

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Donning nothing but a fanny pack and sandals for his excursion, he became something of a sight himself. He brought his bicycle, his skateboard and, oops, no clothes.

Many area residents and business owners did not enjoy the view.

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The Selectboard reacted on July 17 by passing a temporary town anti-nudity ordinance by a Lake maurepas tits of In hearings designed to consider the possibility of a permanent ordinance, citizens, business owners, and public figures debated the issue.

Others emphatically supported the proposed ordinance. What about your children? On August 21, the Nude women Brattleboro new voted down any permanent prohibition Brzttleboro public nudity.

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However, the issue remains unresolved to many. For every voice in favor of a community au naturelthere is another in favor of mandatory textiles. To clothe or not to clothe: That is the town question.

The debate over public nudity in Brattleboro has been framed by Nude women Brattleboro new opposing points of view: The latter represents a type of freewheeling licentiousness, a morally relativistic reaction against Puritanism that seeks to counter notions of bodily shame by encouraging public displays that are literally shameless.

Some states Nude women Brattleboro new a sexual element, such as visible arousal or masturbation, to demarcate crime; some do not: Mere exposure of the genitals suffices. While public exhibitionism is frowned upon in the United States, private viewing of the acts of exhibitionists has become a booming, nearly ubiquitous industry. Bratlteboro

ByAmericans were estimated to spend as much as eight to ten billion dollars annually on pornography. In fact, the porn-film industry produces more titles per year than Hollywood.

That it became an icon of the abolitionist movement before the Civil War? That it is a replica of Adult sex Hollywood sculpture created by a celebrated nineteenth-century Vermont artist? It seems that Nude women Brattleboro new people are every bit as squeamish about private displays of fine art containing nudity.

An artist and graphic-designer friend of mine had a gorgeous original painting above her sliding glass door that featured a nude woman reclining Nude women Brattleboro new the snow. In fact, nude photography is a veritable gold mine.

Our national ambivalence about public nudity even manifests itself in situations devoid of any sexual element. For example, despite increased awareness about the health benefits to Nude women Brattleboro new mother and child of breastfeeding, and despite the activities of advocacy groups pressing for legal protections for breastfeeding mothers, instances of intolerance to and indignation over public breastfeeding abound.

These incidents stand in stark contrast to the breast-hungry culture of topless bars. At first glance, these womem sets Nude women Brattleboro new cultural attitudes and behaviors—the Puritanical and the licentious—appear antithetical.

Paradoxical as it may seem, however, Puritanism and licentiousness are really two sides of the same philosophical and psychological coin.

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It declares: Forget talk of ideals and higher things; Nude women Brattleboro new ahead and mindlessly indulge your physical senses and animal desires. We are thus offered an impossible alternative. Puritanism enjoins us to suppress our natural physical desires for sensual pleasure.