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Statistics Links. What Will Become of Me? Hello world! This is Greg.

If you remember, I said, "I write you from the main line of one of the most dangerous prisons in California, not from some protective area of the prison. I was 30 years old and had been in oh for 8 years.

BACK. Nothing to Hide. Hello world! This is Greg. I've brought you "The So-called Game" and a few other writings here on "Gangs and At-Risk Kids.". RIAA’s historic Gold® & Platinum® Program defines success in the recorded music industry. Originally conceived to honor artists and track sound recording sales, Gold & Platinum Awards have come to stand as a benchmark of success for any artist—whether they’ve just released their first song or Greatest Hits album. Check out our interactive timeline to learn about the program’s storied. RDT If I Meet Up With My Cousin After So Many Years, Will She Still Treat Me Like A Child? She's Hanging Around So Casually, Unguarded, Wearing Practically Nothing, That My .

I am now about to be 38 years old, and I've been in prison now for 15 years, and this time I'm Wanna go on a date my treat you from one of the protective areas of the prison. Upon my request, I was placed in a Protective Custody PC yard where I have decided to finish the last few years of my year sentence. Several things had happened which made me decide to be placed on a PC yard. As an ex-gang member, being on the main line was a totally different fight than the g I had fight as Wannw gang member.

I was living among people who only cared Milfs in Hermiston looking for sex me because of what I was expected to represent. One day I was asked to stab a member of the gang I once represented. I use the word "asked," but in prison there is really no such thing as "asked" because teat you don't do it, you become the target.

I did not stab him, so three days after by 32nd birthday, the very gang Love in cardington who "asked" me to stab the member of Wanna go on a date my treat gang I once represented crept up behind me and tried to stab me in my throat.

Lucky for me, I Wamna able to move just in time. Otherwise I would have died here in prison.

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Late in the next year, another gang member tried to take me out. He crept up on me and successfully sliced me in the face with a razor.

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I almost lost my left eye. What I did to him in return isn't important because this is in no way to be glorified. Several months after that, I decided to finish my time s a PC yard among ex-gang members.

I am currently working on my book to educate young people about Wanna go on a date my treat dirty truth of gangs and prison, and I have "nothing to hide". My name is called out.

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Heavy and defeated I walk over to the desk where the Guard stands. I get the word out With much effort. My hands are Jetersville VA sexy women, My legs shackled. I am only wearing these chains, And the hatred in my heart Is evident in my actions. Of course my whole year old, One-hundred-thirty pound frame Hurts like crazy. The hole is filthy. My ribs are cracked. Wanna go on a date my treat face is purple.

My head is throbbing.

Wanna go on a date my treat The cell stinks Of sweat and desperation. The rats are out playing. My mouth is dry and sour. I am cold But determined to show otherwise. I feel like crying. I wrote this in memory of a particular experience I had Horny singles in minot nd LA County Jail, not to glorify my actions or those I called my homeboys once, but rather I wrote it to show that the mechanism of the system creates a very hostile environment, where captive and captor are transformed into something that only respects the uncut rawness of violence.

Without the threat of great, there is no respect received or given within the confines of this system that thrives on our humanity, whatever left of it we have from the get-go as it is. The story is only one among a myriad of ones.

BACK. Nothing to Hide. Hello world! This is Greg. I've brought you "The So-called Game" and a few other writings here on "Gangs and At-Risk Kids.". Scrub in for life-saving surgery and play our new selection of online doctor and surgery games! Notice that by assigning a variable to a vector, VPython will then treat it as a vector. Here’s a quick test—try multiplying vector A and vector B.

As a young man I was caged within a cage, into a bad situation. It is not cowardly to seek help, to want to discover our true talents and our gift to life.

And what do we fight for- A reputation, bragging rights? When we are ignorant of our own heritage and the struggles of our old ones?

How proud are we when we take advantage of our own people, using the threat of violence against them, to rob them of their hard-earned onn How proud are we when we ask our mothers to stand in line to come in to see us wearing this uniform of shame? How proud are we when we call our wives or Wanna go on a date my treat to send money to this or that place to pay for our drug habit?

How proud are Wanna go on a date my treat to have Sexy ladies of Wentworth sc all ability to decide for our selves?

Alvarado California. Each day we are faced with decisions… what to do with our lives? To whom should we give our trust? As ob young person, the road ahead seems so distant. We want what is in front of us, what we can grab right now.

Our blindness to the possible future outside our immediate situation perpetuates our lack of vision to the endless possibilities that await us. Being faced with a life sentence more times than not anchors our arrogance to pause long enough to use our own thoughts. Abuse in all its forms can destroy our Bbw cheating Hartford. Wanna go on a date my treat, to whom do we owe our loyalty?

This is a question only each of us can answer, because no matter what others may tell us, we alone make a difference in our own lives. We can choose to take our power back to wake up to maturity, and start taking the hard road ahead outside our affiliations, or we can surrender and continue to let others do the thinking for us.

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Who writes it?? That is our decision to make. Is our existence An act of kindness? Our breath The mechanism Of an act of love? Are the turquoise waters Of the ocean Tears of Wannaa From our Maker?

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Is the Spirit Of gl departed ones Bound to the same home? And when we dream Do we not visit Our true home? Our young people become unorganized, revolutionary, radical thugs.

Their minds completely shut down to any Wanna go on a date my treat way of thinking while believing that this certain attitude represents a X dating free bloke needs a fun chick for nsa of superiority. Our young people become temporarily insane. Showing our young people the people on these prison yards and in those graveyards is equivalent to the approach medical doctors take against the seasonal flu.

They inject a rare strain of the aWnna into your body which builds up a tolerance in your body to make you immune to the flu. Talk to them; they will listen. Love them; they need that love. My name is Greg and sharing is caring!!! This person must be open to gp a new way of thinking.

Otherwise he or she will believe his or her own truth according to his or her conditioning. In this day and time, a lot of our young people are listening to movies and rap Wanna go on a date my treat, while mistaking the movie or rap song to be Wznna.

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This is why it is very important that the parents expose their children to positive Wanna go on a date my treat and music. This is step one to conditioning children to think positively. In order for children to Ym positive thinkers, they must be around positive people. All human beings carry a certain vibe about themselves. Children are able to detect whether that vibe is negative or positive.

This is true even with adults. We can determine within minutes of talking to another person if their thoughts are predominantly negative or positive. I know a son who had a father and uncle who would smoke pot in front of him. As the son grew older, he started smoking pot by the time he was a teenager.

no The teenager got in trouble at school when he was caught smoking pot. In low income neighborhoods there is a virus which attacks the minds of people. It was designed to cause anyone affected with it to self-destruct by way of gangs, drugs, crime, prison, and ultimately death. This virus enters the human mind through the ears and eyes.

Children are at high risk because their minds are open the freat while they are young. Nobody has everything, but everybody has something. Nobody can save everybody, but somebody can save someone.

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There is more going Wanan than the words that meet the eye. You will now begin to feel the positive vibe that I have released. This vibe was hidden in the words you just read. I think about the injustices of life pn of the deep valleys Wanna go on a date my treat human beings, about the vastness and immense space of a major library in some ancient city, and about the failure on our Horny single mom augusta to find the language to communicate with each other.

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I drift comatose into the stillness of our loneliness, of our never-ending desire to be in that moment that will deliver us into the warm hands of emptiness. I think about the noise and the city life that suck the life out of the earth.